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Wicked Lights™ Ambush A1 GEN 3 Solar Powered Feeder Light With WHITE LED



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Product Description:

The Ambush Light ® A1 Gen 3 Feeder Light is a powerful purpose designed for hog and predator hunter’s night hunting light system. This is a complete self contained set -up and forget system which features a combined 20 watt solar panel, metal light enclosure featuring a powerful LED panel with a whopping 108 LEDs, rechargeable 12vdc battery, 3-power modes, auto "ON" at dusk and auto "OFF" at dawn, and the necessary metal mounts to securely mount it to a common wire fence "T"-Post (t-post is not included, but available at virtually any ranch supply or home depot type store). The selectable 3 power modes (low>med>high) give you the ability to control the intensity of the light based on its distance from the feeder. These power modes also allow you to distance yourself up to 100 yards from the feeder (on high power). The beam characteristic is wide and long which provides illumination of the peripheral to the left and right of the feeder for identification and targeting those big boars who always seem to stay just far enough away from the feeder for a clean shot. This light system is designed to run every night and charge every day, month after month, year after year.

Unlike cheaply made and designed under powered plastic competitor lights, the Ambush A1 Feeder Light includes robust metal mounting hardware, metal vertical 'T"-post mount, and a weather proof metal light enclosure which provides for quick LED panel and or battery replacement. You can change light panel LED color in less then 3 minutes, if you desire to use or experiment with GREEN or WHITE color light, or replace the 12vdc battery in less then 10 minutes.

Key Features

The RED LED A1 Ambush light is especially effective for use as a "bait" light for predators.  Many hunters will use this red LED light over dead livestock or road kill deer placed in a secluded pasture.  Check your local hunting regulations first regarding hunting over "bait".  Red is also used by hog hunters for heavely hunted, light shy, and pressured hogs.  

A standard Tri-Pod feeder is not necessary or even required to successfully bait hogs.  Many hunters target hogs by burying fermented corn in a post hole (3 feet deep, filled with corn covered with 6 inches of dirt), constructing a PVC pipe ground feeder (4 inch diameter by 4 feet in length pvc pipe filled with corn & drilled with small holes, when rolled around by the hogs, small amounts of corn fall out),  and or spreading corn in secluded areas.  Simply install the Ambush Light on a T-Post to illuminate the area you are baiting and for use as a shooting light.

 The Ambush® A1 Night Hunting Hog and Predator Feeder Light with Solar Panel and Mount Kit features:

  • 20 watt solar panel for charging the battery
  • 12 volt battery securely mounted inside light panel
  • Vertical "T"-post mount (T-post is not included)
    • Unique vertical mount design provides for quick removal of Ambush A1 Feeder Light system and the repositioning to another active feeder in just seconds or the complete removal and storage in the "off season" if desired.
  • Steel solar panel brackets for mounting the solar panel and light to the included vertical "T"-post mount
  • Powerful 108 LED panel in your choice of color (GREEN, RED, or WHITE LEDs)
    • User replaceable LED panel if color change is desired
  • 3-Power mode selectable LED panel low>med>high.  Medium power should be the standard power setting for 99% of set-up situations.
    • Designed and optimized for use on MEDIUM power setting & illumination for all-night operation.  The 12VDC 7/8Ah (UB1280) battery should be part of a scheduled maintanence regiment with replacement accomplished every 6 to 12 months for optimum feeder light performance.
  • Solar charge auto controller to Keep from over charging or discharging the battery
  • Automatically comes on at dark and off at dawn to condition animals to light all night long
  • Durable weather proof metal light housing
  • 1-Year warranty on light and solar panel.  Battery 90 days (considered a consumable).  The 12VDC 7/8Ah (UB1280) battery should be part of a scheduled maintanence regiment with replacement accomplished every 6 to 12 months for optimum feeder light performance.

Some assembly is required (basic hand tools).

*Light range will vary depending on LED color

 Note: Heavy over-sized item - Ships Flat Rate UPS Ground ONLY

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