Predator X Hunters Package

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Predator X Hunters Package

This is the ultimate package for predator hunters with 1 66LRX gun mounted light and one 50LRX flashlight for scanning. You can upgrade the 50LRX flashlight to a 66LRX flashlight in the options above.
The 50LRX and 66LRX have a fully adjustable focus so you can go from a flood beam to spot beam allowing the user to put just the right amount of light on the target. Go from full flood beam to full spot beam in only 3/4 turn of the head.
Both lights are fully interchangeable with each other and our 38LRX light. 
Interchangeable LED modules so you can easily change the color the light emits.
These lights shine a incredible distance and we listed the max yardage each light can shine in each color below
66LRX Red = 701 yards, Green = 744 yards, White = 1023 yards
50LRX Red = 488 yards, Green = 556 yards, White = 781 yards
You can add up to 3 Extra LED modules in red green or white in the options above for $15.00 each or add IR for $20.00 each.
We guarantee you will not find a further throwing LED light in red or green then these two for the price and size when this was written on 03-01-2016. 

The Predator X hunters package includes
1 - 66LRX rifle light with remote wired Eliminator switch that you can turn the light on half power or full power and works both as a pressure switch and on/off switch. Will not make any noise when operated as a pressure switch.
1 - 50LRX Flashlight for scanning or all around flashlight use.
1 - Windage and Elevation adjustable mount. Will mount to 30mm and 1 inch scope tubes or to a weaver/picatinny type rail. Will clear Scope objectives up to 60mm.
1 - 18650 battery charger with AC and DC plugs. This way you can charge the batteries from home or your vehicles cigarette lighter.
4 - High quality 3400ma batteries made by Panasonic. 
1 - Dimmer tail cap so you can adjust the brightness of your light from 5%-100%.
1 - Normal flashlight tail cap. This will convert your 66LRX rifle light into a flashlight. 
5 - LED modules in your choice of color. You choose in the options above. The LED module color determines the color of light your light will emit. If you choose a red LED module, your light will emit red light when using that LED module. 
2 - Lens covers to protect the lights lenses when not in use.
Please note that you get a total of 5 LED modules colors with this package, 2 of the LED modules will come installed in the lights.
You can add up to 3 additional LED modules and a extra dimmer tail cap to this package in the options above.
All LED modules, tail caps and heads are fully interchangeable and can be used in all our 50LR, 66LR, 38LRX, 50LRX and 66LRX lights.

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