Exterminator II Feeder Light

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33.00 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Exterminator II Feeder Light

Are you serious about night time hog hunting or a outfitter for hog hunting, if you are then the Exterminator II feeder light is the perfect light for you. Even if you only go hog hunting a few times a year this light will ensure that when you do go, you have the ultimate setup for hog hunting at night. Unlike other feeder lights that only light up a small area and you still need to buy a battery and solar panel to keep it running every night, the Exterminator II light comes with everything you need except the place to mount it and we easily light up your entire feed area. Made out of all steel and aluminum so there is nothing for the critters to chew on and ruin. The Exterminator comes in your choice of Red, Green, IR or White light output. This light is designed to run all night every night even if you have several days of cloudy weather. Years of thought and testing went into this light to make it the most advanced and brightest light on the market. The Exterminator II light can be mounted up to 250 yards away from your feeder and still light up your entire feed area.

The Exterminator II Feeder light comes with

  •  20 watt solar panel for charging the battery
  • 18 amp hour 12 volt battery
  • Steel solar panel bracket for mounting the solar panel
  • 3 fully adjustable and fully focusable LED light heads letting your light up 3 separate area's. Each head can be locked down once aimed in the direction you want, this will keep birds or the wind from moving the heads. All three heads can focused from a wide flood beam all the way down to a spot beam. LED heads can be easily replaced so you can change the color of the light if you order 3 different color LED heads in the options above under "Extra set of 3 LED heads:".
  • Remote control to operate light from over 100 yards away. With the remote you can turn the light on/off, low, medium or use it to turn the light slowly up or down.
  • Has a internal switch to set the light to come on at low, medium or full power. 
  • Solar charge controller to Keep from over charging or discharging the battery
  • U-Bolts for mounting light and solar panel to pole
  • Timer so the light can be set to run between 1-15 hours a night or all night every night
  • Made to last years with a powder coated all steel housing
  • Steel flex cable on solar panel wires to keep varmints from chewing on them
  • Three Year warranty on the Exterminator light and 1 year warranty on the battery but the battery should last 3-5 years.

Available in your choice of light output color and you choose your color in the options above under "Exterminator light color:"
The Exterminator II feeder light has the option to turn on 1, 2 or all three of the LED light heads. The reason for this is if you have a spot in the woods you would like to set it up that doesn't get much sun you can run 1 or 2 of the LED light heads instead of all three. Even running just one of the LED light heads you can easily light up your entire feeder area. If you can get a minimum of 3 hours of sunlight to the solar panel on a sunny day from 10am-3pm you can run all three LED light heads with the light set on low mode and then you can turn the light up with the remote when hunting.



Lumen output, Red over 600 lumens, Green over 700 lumens and white over 700 lumens. IR will light up a huge area and shine a extremely long range but you will need a night vision device to see the IR light.

Weighs about 33lbs

Control box size: 13" X 10" X 5.5"

Solar Panel Size 22" X 14" X 5"

Below we listed the distance each color can shine to still be able to identify your target with a decent scope or bino's when you aim all three heads at the same spot in spot beam.

Red = 250 yards
Green = 270 yards
White = 355 yards
IR = it's impossible for us to list the distance because every night vision device will be different. We can tell you that it is capable of lighting up and huge area and incredible long distances. We did test it out with a Gen 3 scope and it lit up animals out past 1000 yards. Even with Gen 1 night vision it will light up 1000's of square feet with more then plenty of light to identify animals.

While the Exterminator feeder light will shine the distances above, we don't recommend you set the feeder light at those distances from your feed area. We recommend that for bow hunting you set the feeder light from 15-40 yards from your feed area and for rifle hunting we recommend you set the light 40-120 yards from your feed area. Of course your area will dictate how far you set the light from your baited area and the Exterminator light will work great from any distance from 15 yards to 250+ yards and since the beam pattern of each head can be adjusted from a spot all the way to a flood beam you can set beam pattern perfect for whatever distance you set it at. 

Please note that the distances we give above are the distances the light will shine to Identify animals not the distance you can see to shoot with a scope. For example, if you set our Red Exterminator II feeder light 50 yards from your feeder and turn the light up high, you can be over 1000 yards away from your feeder and still have plenty of light to see the animals in the light with your scope to shoot although you may need a lighted reticle. 

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