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Digisight N550A Digital Night Vision Riflescope



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Product Description:

Digisight N550A


  • The Pulsar Digisight N550A Digital Night Vision Riflescope features 13 built-in reticle options, allowing shooters to switch between white and black subtensions on the reticle, making targets more visible against the background (black for daytime operation and white for night-time operation). Shooters also have the ability to change the center of the reticle to red or green illumination depending on their preference. Equipped with 3 various save points for zeroing, the N550A allows operators to use different loads for hunting game or save 3 zeroes for specific distances of their choice.

     The device includes a 1.5x digital zoom to increase the magnification from 4.5x to 6.75x, as well as a quick and effective one-shot zeroing system, offering less time to zero in and little room for error. Its high output LED IR illuminator features 3 power levels (50 mW, 75 mW and 100 mW), saving battery life and increasing the effective range.

  • Digital Night Vision Riflescope

• Fine image quality and resolution
• One-shot zeroing
• Long eye relief
• Built-in IR laser with variable power
• Resistant to bright light exposure
• External power supply
• Composite housing
• Intuitive easy-to-use interface
• Wireless remote control
• Wide range of operating temperature
• Internal focusing
• Additional weaver MIL-STD-1913 rail for accessories
• Video output
• Flip-up objective lens cover
• Improved OLED display
• Digital zoom (6.75x)


  • Type: Digital Night Vision Riflescope
  • Magnification: 4.5x/6.75x
  • Objective Lens: 50mm


    Single knob (switchable between vertical and horizontal adjustments) allows better ergonomics and stable hold of the rifle during firing or sighting in the scope.

  • WEAVER 7/8" RAIL

    Mil-STD 1913 rail on the side of the scope allows the use of multiple accessories including auxiliary IRs, batteries and other systems.


    Select the setting ideally for fitting the lighting conditions by choosing the High Contrast and/or Sum Light (Heightened light amplification) Modes.


    The Digisight N550A is equipped with a jack, enabling connection of external video recording sources.


    The Digisight N550A includes a wireless remote control with scope and IR ON/OFF and zoom functions.


    Users can adjust required screen brightness and contrast. A button next to the control wheel switches brightness and contrast modes.


    The internal eye-safe laser IR illuminator three-step power adjustment provides artificial illumination that improves image quality under insufficient levels of natural illumination.


    This feature switches the central point of aiming reticle between red-on-gray and green-on-gray.


    Choice of four operating modes; blank screen "aiming reticle" mode, "clock" mode, and 'aiming reticle & clock" mode.


    Built-in flip cap. The lens cap is fixed on the scope's body to prevent loss.


    The unit and the built-in IR illuminator is carried out successively by gradually turning the slector switch.


    • Protective cover

    • Wireless remote control

    • Carrying case

    • 3 screws

    • Mount

    • Hex nut wrench

    • User manual

    • Cleaning cloth

    Technical Specifications

    Electronic components  
    Camera resolution, pixels (EIA) 500x582
    Min/max working illuminance, lux (f1.2, ) 0.0001...30000
    Display type LCD
    Display Resolution, pix. 640x480
    Display diagonal, inch 0.44
    Magnification ratio, times 1.88
    Built-In Video Recorder Availability no
    Video IN / OUT availability no / yes
    Pin type of video input / output RCA
    Optical characteristics  
    Magnification  4.5 (optical) / 6.75 (zoom)
    Lens diameter, mm  50
    Lens focus, mm  50
    Relative aperture, D/f' 1:1
    Field of View,°, horizontal 5 (on 4.5x) / 3.25 (on 6.75x)
    Field of View, m@100m 8.7 / 5.7
    Minimum focusing distance, m 5.5
    Eye Relief, mm  67
    Exit Pupil, mm 6
    Diopter adjustment, dptr. ±4
    Focusing type of distance internal
    Resolution, lines per mm ≤55
    Built-in IR-illuminator  
    Emitter LED
    IR Wavelenghth, nm 915
    Equivalent IR Power, mW 50/75/100
    Beam divergence, degree 4.5
    Range of Detection, m  
    Range of detection, m (object 1.7m high, illuminatuin level 0.05 lux("1/4 450
    Power Supply  
    Power Supply 3.7÷6
    Battery type 4xAA
    Battery Life (w/out IR), hour 4
    Battery Life (with IR), hour 3.5
    External Power Supply DC 9 ÷ 15V / 3W
    Windage & Elevation, 1 click (H/V), mm@100m  12/12
    Reticle color black/white with switcheable red/green center
    Physical & operational characteristics  
    Lens Material glass
    Body Material glass-nylon composite
    Type of mount for attachment of additional accessories weaver
    Operating Temp,°C/ °F - 10 to 50 / 14 to 122
    Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IP44 (water resistant)
    Nitrogen Purged, yes/no no
    Waterproofness, yes/no no
    Remote control yes
    Shockresistance on rifled weapon, J 6000
    Mounting brackets on weapon  Weaver
    Length, mm 340
    Width, mm 95
    Height, mm 94
    Weight (without batteries), oz 35.3
    Specific life, h 10000
    Warranty period, year 3

    * - in normal nittime conditions - (0.05 lux or quarter moon) with use of IR



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