Class 1 NightSnipe Headlamp Kit

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3.00 LBS
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Class 1 NightSnipe Headlamp Kit

Class 1 NightSnipe Headlamp Kit


NightSnipe Headlamp Flambeau Custom Hard Case

(1) LED available in red, 
green and white

Universal AC/DC Home & Car Charger with (1) set of Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries




The all new NightSnipe interchangeable LED headlamp / scan light by Predator Hunter Outdoors!! Originally designed for the predator hunter, the NightSnipe line of headlamps soon became recognized as the ultimate, do- all headlamp by professionals in a variety of different fields. Whether it’s Predator hunting, coon hunting, deer hunting, fishing, camping, working, or anything else done in the dark, the all New NightSnipe headlamp has you covered. Depending on your need, you can change your LED color module (available in red, green and white) in less than 30 seconds making this the only headlamp you will ever need.


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The best of both worlds in one simple, yet effective design! 

Maximal benefits in both the center beam, as well as just the right amount of outside halo were engineered into the reflector to make this the ultimate eye shine scanner. Quickly and hands free, use the outside halo on light shy predators or simply center your beam for extreme full body illumination! 

A fully focused beam is NOT the ideal choice of experienced predator hunters. The beam is too tight and does not allow for effective eye shine reflection detection, the coverage area is just too small. You could have a predator 20 yards for your scan spot with a tight beam and you would never know it was there. Tight center beam and outside halo of the new Nightsnipe headlamp gives the optimal beam coverage for scanning and quick eye shine detection. Once eye shine is detected, use your focused beam NightSnipe weapon mounted light to fully illuminate your target and make the shot!


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