50LRX Gun hunters package with 3 colors

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50LRX Gun hunters package with 3 colors

50LRX Gun hunters pkg. with 3 colors

This Package comes with
1 - 50LRX Rifle light with Eliminator switch. The switch has two buttons on it, one button will turn the light on at half power and the other button will turn the light on full power. Both buttons can be operated as a pressure switch(completely silent) or on/off switch.
3 - LED modules in your choice of color(Red, Green, White, IR). The color of the LED module determines the color of light your light emits.
1 - Lens cover to protect the lens when not in use
1 - 18650 battery charger with both A/C and D/C cords
2 - 18650 3500ma protected batteries made by Panasonic
1 - Windage and Elevation adjustable mount. Will mount to both 30mm and 1 inch scope tubes and to weaver/picattiny rails
1 - Normal flashlight tail cap
1 - Quality Aluminum case with custom cut EVA foam.
This light is perfect for all your night hunting needs. Works great on hogs, coyotes, foxes, bobcats and more.

The 50LRX will shine out to 781 yards with the white LED module, 556 yards with the Green LED module and 488 yards with the Red LED module.
Please note that the 50LRX will shine as far or further then our competitors lights that are the same size as our 66LRX light, yet our 50LRX has a bigger spot beam then our competitors bigger lights.
You will be able to light up animals eye's at even further distances.
Has a adjustable focus so you can go from a spot beam to flood beam allowing the user to put just the right amount of light on the animal without spooking them with too bright of light.
Interchangeable LED modules so you can easily change the color.
Can be mounted to your scope or rail with our windage and elevation adjustable mount, will fit both 30mm and 1 inch scope tubes.
Can easily be converted to our 38LRX and 66LRX lights by buying the 38LRX or 66LRX head.
Runs on 1 18650 battery.
Comes with a 5 year warranty on the housing and LED. 2 years on any components or external wiring. 1 year on the batteries and charger

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